Due to strict regulations Australia is currently free of many of the exotic diseases that decimate the pork industry overseas.

To help protect our industry PigPass was developed. PigPass is a system used to track the movement of all (live) pigs in Australia. This is extremely important in the event of any disease outbreak or a food safety emergency.

PigPass also provides assurance to customers of the safety, integrity and traceability of pork products, ensuring only the safest food enters the supply chain.

Anyone transporting a pig – whether it is one pet pig or hundreds of pigs – is required to complete a PigPass NVD and to register the movement on the PigPass database.

A PigPass NVD must accompany all movements of pigs during their transportation between the owner and the receiver. The owner completes a new NVD, provides two (2) copies to the transporter (keeping one for their records). The transporter fills it out and (keeping one copy for their records) hands the final copy to the receiver who closes the loop by reporting the movement to the PigPass website.


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