Outdoor hutches


Outdoor farrowing hutches or arks provide separate farrowing “rooms” for each sow.


Farrowing huts are either built so that they are wider at the bottom than at the top, or they are rectangular in shape and can be moved around the paddock. The hutches or arcs are quite often made from insulated cool room cladding or have other forms of insulation. This protects the sow against heat stress while also providing warmth for the piglets.

Producers using these outdoor hutches supply bedding material such as straw to help keep the piglets warm. These hutches or arcs often have a guard around the front that the sow is able to step over easily, but the piglets cannot. The guard helps to keep the piglets inside the hutch and protected during the first week or so. When the piglets are old enough the guard may be removed.


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