Free range system


In free range pig production all pigs are kept outdoors all the time with access to shelter that has suitable bedding provided. Approximately five per cent of Australian sows are free range.


In free range systems all paddocks must be rotated with a crop-forage pasture phase before pigs can be returned to the paddock. This assists in managing nutrient build up and restore soil structure. While many people think free range is the best system for pig welfare, these pigs are exposed to a greater range of predators and diseases through contact with feral pigs, foxes and wild dogs. Free range pigs are also exposed to a higher temperature range and weather variability making them more susceptible to sun related skin conditions like skin cancer.

For further information visit the APIQ✓® Free Range webpage.

Consumers who wish to purchase free range pork should look for the Certified Free Range PorkMark logo.


Free Range Farming

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