Our farming systems


All Australian pig production is classified as intensive agriculture regardless of whether the production is indoors or outdoors.


In Australia, pig production can be either outdoors or indoors, under one of three recognised pig farming systems:

  1. Free Range – where all sows, boars and their piglets live outside
  2. Outdoor Bred: Raised Indoors on Straw – where sows and boars live outside all their life, and their progeny, when weaned, are bought inside into shelters and raised on straw
  3. Indoor – where all sows, boars and their progeny live inside.

These systems are outlined in the Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ✓®).

There is often confusion on how extensive or intensive categories apply to piggeries.

All Australian piggeries are classed as intensive if the piggery acquires more than 50 per cent of the pig feed from outside sources. This includes outdoor production systems as pigs are unable to source sufficient nutrition from foraging on grass. Australian Pork Limited are not aware of any piggery that would be able to meet the extensive piggery definition.



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