Staff training


There are many ways to raise pigs in Australia. But the single most important factor is the husbandry skills of the producer and stock handlers.


Well trained stockpeople are critical to maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare by caring for the day to day needs of our pigs.

Australian Pork Limited, in consultation with stakeholders and government regulators, has determined a stockperson is “suitably qualified” if they meet the criteria listed on APL’s Animal Welfare Training webpage.

This includes:

  • moving and handling pigs
  • care for health and welfare of pigs
  • enterprise quality assurance procedures or compliance with industry quality assurance systems, as per enterprise requirements
  • compliance with animal industry welfare requirements
  • understanding of WHS processes
  • administration of medication to animals
  • implementation of animal health control programs.

Supervisors are required by law to have a Certificate III in Pork Production. At least one qualified stockperson per farm must also hold a qualification in euthanising livestock. It is the responsibility of the Department of Primary Industry (or equivalent) in each state to specify and monitor the level of competency for this certification. The Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: Pigs outlines these requirements.

Information on training requirements for stock people is on APL’s Animal Welfare Training page.

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