Our training


Our people are our industry’s most important assets. People working in the pig industry need to have the right information and training. This ensures they can effectively protect the welfare and health of their pigs and ensure a safe, high quality product.


There are a wide range of career opportunities in pig production requiring high level skills. The Model Code for Animal Welfare: Pigs outlines the training requirements for those stock people managing pigs.

In addition to farms, there are career opportunities in fields such as animal health and welfare, food nutrition, science research and innovation, meat quality, environment, genetics and genomics, breeding, veterinary medicines, pig veterinarians and pig nutritionists.

Education and training is a vital component of ensuring the longevity of the Australian pork industry, starting in kindergarten through to tertiary education and post graduate studies. The industry has a range of training programs to ensure our people have the right skills:

  • Staff and stockperson courses ensure staff on farms know and can carry out best practice and high standards of welfare, health and safety
  • Workshops and our ‘Pigs in Schools’ programs ensure primary and secondary school students, and the Australian public understands the processes behind the food they buy, the standards and scrutiny the industry goes through to ensure best practices and responsible farming
  • University scholarships and awards encourage academic research and studies to continue to be the foundation of our best practices and the industry continues to prosper.

The Australian pig industry is committed to growing knowledge and skills within the industry and about the industry to the Australian public.


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