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Name: Deb Kerr
Occupation: General Manager Policy
Organisation: Australian Pork Limited


Name: Andy Pointon
Organisation: Pork SA


MitchName: Mitch Edwards
Occupation: Marketing and PR Manager
Employer/business name: Australian Pork Limited (APL)

I have to be the luckiest person in the world with my role with Australian Pork Limited – I do what I love and get paid to do it. I have the good fortune to work across many of the functions of the APL marketing team. My role focuses on communications and food service, but I also get to work across advertising and retail initiatives too. The focus for me though, is to work with media and make sure they are being filled in on all the exciting pork news, and work with fantastic chefs on our PorkStar activities. We are now also focusing on the foodservice high volume markets with the challenge of getting out the message of the benefits of pork on menus across all eating houses around the country. I also contribute input to the consumer marketing initiatives, which is a pretty big honour, and have input into the famous ‘Get Some Pork on Your Fork’ campaign.

I come from a family of three generations of butchers, so after finishing school I joined the family butchering business. As it turned out I loved it and it was the perfect foundation to where my journey lead. By the time I had been in the industry for 10 years I had owned a few retail butcher shops and expanded into a wholesale business. From there, I went on to work with Meat and Livestock Australia for many years, both here and in the US. It was on my return to Australia that I joined Australian Pork Limited, and I haven’t looked back. During my time with APL, my roles have changed, but my love for pork has only grown.


StevoName: Steve Miller
Occupation: Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ✓®) Operations Manager
Employer/business name: Australian Pork Limited (APL)

I joined the team at Australian Pork Limited back in 2009, first as a Marketing Analyst before changing to the Policy area where I became the APIQ✓® Services Coordinator, then the APIQ✓® Systems Manager and now the APIQ✓® Operations Manager. I guess you could say that I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I’m one of the only managers within the R&I team who does not have a background in agriculture, in fact, my background is car insurance! Luckily insurance is all about managing risks, which also happens to be the same reason that we need Quality Assurance in our businesses.

The great thing about working with farmers is that they’re great people. They call a spade a spade. I find that very refreshing, even if it is aimed at me every now and then.

As an industry I think we’re doing a great job, we’ve improved the reputation of our industry and we’ve encouraged more people to get some pork on their fork, but we need to keep that momentum going, that’s why the APIQ✓® team are always vigilant and looking to stay one step ahead of the game. If you’d like to find out more about APIQ✓® QA call me on 02 6270 8808.


Name: Amanda Lennon
Occupation: Editor
Employer/business name: Recipes + & AWW FOOD magazines

I chose my career as I have always been passionate about food. I believe food brings people together, and we are so fortunate to live in a country with great produce that is easily accessible.

As editor of recipes + and AWW food mags I work with a small, but highly talented team and produce two magazines, monthly. Recipes + is a budget-driven mass title with a cover price of $2.99, which showcases how easy it is to cook on a budget using in season produce and pantry staples. AWW FOOD magazine is for the more confident cook, without budget and ingredient boundaries. The recipes are from the iconic Australian Women’s Weekly Test Kitchen, all are triple-tested and guaranteed to work. Across both titles, I aim to deliver inspirational recipes for all to enjoy.

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