Research and development


We recognise there is always room for improvement. This is why the industry continues to invest millions of dollars into research, innovation and on-farm improvements. We are committed to getting the balance right.


More information on our current and completed research projects is available on APL’s Current Projects web page.

The APL Strategic Plan and Annual Operating Plans detail how this investment is structured, while our Annual Report outlines our achievements each year.

Animal welfare

There is a lot of community interest around animal welfare. We have made strong progress and developed new innovations to improve welfare. The research that our industry invests in, and the knowledge and outcomes produced, all feed into a system of continuous improvement.

The industry has:

  • committed to the voluntary phase out of gestation stalls
  • worked with vets, regulators and welfare groups such as the RSPCA to develop a legal framework to protect pig welfare, based on a Model Code of Practice for Animal Welfare: Pigs
  • APL has invested millions of dollars into research into pig welfare, while producers have made significant capital investment into on-farm facility upgrades and improvements
  • implemented a rigorous quality assurance system (APIQ✓®), which ensures that on-farm facilities must be maintained to a high standard and requires that producers must have a system for animal welfare management
  • implemented a five year Pork Industry Animal Welfare Strategy, to drive ongoing improvement
  • assisted in the development of a comprehensive training program (ProHand Pigs) to ensure stockpersons have the skills to provide the best quality care for their animals.

The Australian pork industry has specific welfare considerations, which through industry and stakeholder engagement we are refining.

Our industry objectives for animal welfare are to uphold the duty of care to the animals we produce, to support producers by providing information and research outcomes and inform our stakeholders about our activities and achievements. These goals will be achieved by taking the lead and addressing the requirements of our pigs.

We do things differently and we’d like to show you.