Pork CRC and APRIL


The High Integrity Australian Pork CRC (Pork CRC) remains a key partner to Australian Pork Limited in pork research and development.


The pork industry’s Research, Development and Extension (RD & E) program is managed in such a way as to maximise the use of facilities and capability, achieve strategic targets and avoid duplication.

The Commonwealth Government’s agreement with the Pork CRC expires on June 30 2019. Industry is now formalising the transition to an alternative. The Australasian Pork Research Institute Ltd (APRIL) is a collaborative research entity to ensure we continue to improve and develop as an industry. APRIL will enable a highly collaborative approach to research and development. It will ensure the delivery of research outcomes to the Australian pork industry as well as commercial outcomes that will generate financial returns to APRIL and support ongoing RD & E. In conjunction with APL, APRIL will also contribute to base funding of core research providers into the future.

For more information, visit the Pork CRC website.

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