Aussie Pig Farming

Welcome to our Aussie Pig Farming site!

Welcome to our story. We trust you enjoy some real life experiences, on farm, by looking at the different ways Australian pig farmers raise their animals. The information contained in the website also provides you with a better understanding of how Australian pig farmers care for their animals.

Our pigs are our living, so looking after their welfare is not only the right thing to do, it makes good business sense. This site will show you the things we do to make sure our pigs are healthy and well cared for.

We trust you enjoy meeting the real Aussie pig farmers on this site, and learning about life on a real Aussie pig farm.


Response to Farm Invasions

Australian pig producers have experienced illegal break ins of their farms by some animal rights groups taking the law into their own hands, ironically in the name of animal welfare. Video footage of distressed animals (after the activists whipped them into a frenzy) has been released with false claims of cruelty by Australian pig farmers. What hasn't been shown is what really happens on a pig farm from the farmers perspective.